Recent Webinar: Expanding Your Research Possibilities with Light Sheet Theta Microscopy

Dr. Raju Tomer, Assistant Professor at Columbia University and the inventor of light sheet theta microscopy and Peter Lang, the Product Manager for ClearScope, host a comprehensive overview of light sheet theta microscopy.

In this webinar, they will explain light sheet microscopy and its advantages over traditional light sheet microscopes. And, they will present ClearScope, the revolutionary light sheet theta microscope system designed to work with a wide range of cleared specimens -- from mouse to human. Explore the many advantages of light sheet theta microscopy and how it can help you advance your research!

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The NIH Showcases MBF Bioscience Successes

We are proud to be included among the 50 innovative companies across the US who are named by the NIH as Small Business Success Stories. As a multiple-time recipient of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant awards, MBF Bioscience owes deep gratitude to the NIH. Since our founding in 1987, our team has taken pride in our drive and devotion to continually advancing our products and providing cutting-edge technology to researchers in over 1,500 labs in 44 countries. Achievements like this make the effort truly worthwhile. Thank you to the NIH for listing MBF Bioscience as one of your 50 Small Business Success Stories.  

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