Upcoming Free Webinar: Using brain activity to control hardware: a primer on closed-loop fiber photometry experiments with FP3002

We invite you to join our upcoming webinar Dr. Olivia Hon, Staff Scientist at MBF Bioscience, alongside Christopher Johnson, Electrical Engineer.


Closed-loop experiments, where real-time analysis of brain activity is used to control hardware output, offer a powerful tool for understanding the connection between brain function and behavior. The FP3002 system allows for real-time analysis of neural activity and utilizes signal features to control optogenetic stimulation or external behavioral hardware without requiring user input.


In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to set up and fine-tune closed-loop workflows in Bonsai using existing hardware
  • The fundamentals of closed-loop methodology to unlock its potential for your research
  • Practical applications of closed-loop fiber photometry for addressing complex biological questions


This webinar is ideal for researchers interested in:

  • Optogenetics
  • Neural control of behavior
  • Closed-loop fiber photometry experiments


Date: Wednesday, May 1st

Time: 1:00PM EDT

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