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Biolucida is leading the big data revolution by providing scientists and medical educators a cost effective and powerful solution to the many challenges it presents.  Data sets that in the past have been too voluminous and complex for traditional systems, can now be easily managed with Biolucida.

MBF Bioscience and our Biolucida systems can help you with:

  • Data from 2D/3D slide scanners, confocal Z-stacks, lightsheet whole brain images
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Data Access and Security
  • Data Analysis and Visualization


Learn more about using Biolucida to view, store and share large image data for your specific application:


Medical Education Edition

Enrich your medical education course with Biolucida — interactive learning management software developed in collaboration with leading medical educators. Biolucida takes the concept of virtual microscopy to the next level by providing educators a collaborative platform to manage, display, annotate, and navigate whole slide images. Reach more students efficiently by delivering dynamic and rich content accessible by hundreds of users simultaneously. 



Research Edition

Whole-slide scanners, confocal and light sheet microscopes have the ability to create vast image sets that can be challenging to view and manage. They are often comprised of very large files, potentially reaching hundreds of gigabytes in size. These images, generated from a variety of microscopes and slide scanners that produce different file formats, cause compatibility issues in viewing, collaboration, and analysis. Biolucida solves these challenges.



Publisher Edition

With Biolucida, scientific journals can publish entire high-resolution 2D and 3D image data sets in research papers. A wide variety of image data can be presented, including whole slide image series (virtual slides) from entire organs, 3D images of tissue cleared with CLARITY, iDISCO, and other clearing methods, 3D reconstructions of whole slide images, high-resolution image montages, and much more.


Biolucida currently serves slides for the American Association of Anatomists' Virtual Microscopy Database a repository of over 3300 virtual microscope slides from 15 institutitions freely available to educators teaching histology and histopathology. Biolucida currently serves over 650 whole mouse brain images as part of the GENSAT project.


The Laboratory of Systems Neuroscience at the NIMH currently useds Biolucida to serve 650 whole mouse brains as part of the GENSAT project.

We can also custom develop for you

MBF is proud to help bioscience leaders and experts push the next wave of innovation and discovery to benefit humanity. Given this, it’s possible you’re looking for customized technology for your needs. If that is the case, click here to get in touch with us directly. We’d be happy and honored to see if we can create something together that will move all of us forward.

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