Contract Research

Contract Research

Services for Quantitative Analyses of Your Tissue Specimens


MBF Labs : A contract research organization specializing in stereology services, neuron and vessel reconstruction, and slide imaging.

We can handle management of all types of studies from small pilot studies to full-scale experimental analyses. A skilled MBF staff scientist oversees every step of the process.

A trusted component of stereological analyses for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and neuroscience research, our services are ideal for anyone who is looking for expert stereological analysis but lacks in-house instrumentation or expertise. Our scientists and technicians collect the data, interpret the results, and prepare a final report for you. Whether it is brain, lung, or other biological tissue, you will get the accurate results you need.

"MBF Labs's work was exquisite and was available in a timely fashion. It was a pleasure to work with their capable team." Carson Cornbrooks, Ph.D. (University of Vermont)

As an example, researchers have relied on us for their work on a number of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s, because the analyses we provide can help determine drug efficacy.

If you are prepared to collect the data yourself, MBF Labs can help streamline the process. The Pilot Study service offered by MBF Labs reduces time, effort, and costs for the overall experiment by optimizing the sampling parameters to determine how many sections are needed to get a precise result. With the knowledge you obtain, you will have the ability and the confidence you need to collect the remainder of the data yourself.

Bring our expert analyses to your research with MBF Labs.

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