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We know how important it is to have everything working properly with minimal downtime. Time spent troubleshooting issues is time lost for research. Integrating complex hardware and software requires a level of support above the standard. That’s how our technical support program sets us apart.

Our support team includes staff neuroscientists as well as experts in microscopy, stereology, and image processing. We offer an unmatched level of attention and dependability.

On-site installation

Experience the satisfaction of hands-on support. We can come to you for installation and configuration.

Our support team travels to labs throughout the world to make sure researchers get the most from their system.


We provide regularly-scheduled courses for our software, and we can also provide training at your location. MBF is also proud to sponsor stereology courses and workshops that are presented by the most respected academics, free of commercial affiliation. 

Personalized phone support

We believe in providing personal assistance, and we give you the option of receiving support via telephone. When you call, you will speak to a person, not a machine, for help with all of our software and hardware products, and you can always get back in touch with the same person who answered your previous question.  Call us at 802-288-9290 or open a support case.

Remote screen sharing

For remote screen sharing, click here. Using your web browser, you can connect directly to an MBF specialist who can show you, on your own computer, how to use MBF software and who can diagnose and correct problems. Experience the level of support that you deserve, and find out why more researchers around the world rely on MBF Support.

Tips and tutorials

Watch video tutorials by our scientists and developers, covering a wide array of subjects. Among the topics: using the Optical Fractionator, proper alignment of your stage and camera, and how to define and calibrate your lens.

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