Image, Track and Quantify C. elegans

WormLab is a software for imaging, tracking, and analyzing C. elegans and other worms. It has a user-friendly software interface with a powerful model-specific tracking algorithm that collects data about a single worm or multiple worms, even through omega bends, reversals, and entanglements. The algorithm analyzes virtually any video file type, including .avi, .wmv, and .mp4.


Capturing Videos with a WormLab Imaging System

  • Video cameras to acquire videos directly with WormLab
  • An illuminator to project smooth, even light onto your plates
  • A specially designed camera stand to securely hold the camera in the exact location you want

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Simply Follow These 4 Intuitive Steps to Analyze Your Worms:

Customer Reviews

"We really appreciate the help from all the staff at MBF Bioscience. Expert support combined with their excellent product WormLab are essential for our research on C. elegans behavior in my lab."
Jihong Bai, Ph.D.
Fred Hutch
"WormLab provides far superior data than the other conventional programs used for worms. Our work with WormLab has been extremely rewarding because it puts us on the frontier of the behavior studies of C.elegans and allows us to carry out differentiated experiments, with software that is easy to use and needs only simple equipment."
Félix Soares, PhD
University Professor and Researcher, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
"Our experience with the MBF equipment and especially the MBF people has been outstanding. I cannot speak any higher about their professionalism and attention for our needs."
Bogdan A. Stoica, M.D.
University of Maryland
"MBF Bioscience is extremely responsive to the needs of scientists and is genuinely interested in helping all of us in science do the best job we can."
Sigrid Veasey, M.D.
University of Pennsylvania


WormLab Features

  • Multiple Worm Tracking from video files
  • Track selected worms, or all worms in the frame
  • Differentiate the behavior of single or multiple worms via robust, patented algorithms identifying:

    •  Entanglements & Omega bends     •  Reversals & Pirouettes   

    •  Coiling & Self-overlap                     •  Swimming & Thrashing

  • Track at high, medium, or low magnification
  • Advanced worm model with peristaltic progression movement including elongation
  • Multiple-hypothesis tracking results in improved worm tracking
  • Discriminates between head and tail using both curvature and motion direction
  • Selective viewing of worm outlines, midpoints, tracks, and head/tail markers
  • Export locomotion data to Microsoft Excel
  • Built-in workflow guides you through each step to acquire, track & analyze image data from the WormLab System or your own acquisition system
  • Load video files from disk or directly from a connected camera with optional camera control
  • Support for hundreds of different video codecs included

More Features


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WormLab presents the tracking data in a multi-tabbed table format. Frame-by-frame detail data is provided for each worm tracked as well as track summary data. Easily customize & export your data to Excel or Matlab, or create your own analyses. Analysis output includes:

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  • Worm Position (Head, midpoint and tail) frame-by-frame
  • CenterLine Points (variable resolution, selected by user)
  • Speed (instantaneous and moving average)
  • Body Area
  • Body Wavelength
  • Track Length
  • Direction
  • Body Bending Angles
  • Head Bending Angle
  • Omega Bend Detection
  • Reversal Detection

How WormLab Works and How It Generates Analyses

Please see the below presentation for details about how WormLab tracks and analyzes C. elegans





A Complete System for Capturing and Analyzing Worm Videos






System Requirements for Microsoft Windows

For Microsoft Windows PCs, we recommend Windows 8 or 10 64-bit with 4GB RAM and a dual core or better Intel processors (i3,i5,i7).

WormLab can also run on Windows XP 32 bit or Windows 8 or 10 32-bit. The 64-bit version of Windows 8 offers a significant performance improvement over the 32 bit version. WormLab software takes under 100MB of disk space, but adequate hard disk space for video files is needed (250GB recommended) and an internet connection for activation.


System Requirements for Apple OSX

Mac OSX 10.9 or later is required, running on a Mac with Intel processors. For camera support, your Mac will require a Firewire (IEEE1394) port. Requirements include 4GB RAM, adequate hard disk space for video files (250GB recommended) and an internet connection for activation.


Professional Technical Support

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C. elegans imaging and locomotory analysis with WormLab
C. elegans imaging and locomotory analysis with WormLab

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